Current Affairs Quiz Test For Competitive Exams 2013

1.Who is the present President of Nepal?
(a).Ram Bharan Yadav
(c).Ram Raj Prasad
(d).Girish Koirala   

2.Who is the present Attorney General of India?
(a).Anil Kakodkar
(b).Milon Banerjee
(c).Soli Sorabji
(d).Goolam E Vahanvati  

3.Vijaya Malya the chairman of the UB Group is associated with which of the following Air Lines?
(a).Jagson Airlines  
(b).Jet Airways  
(c).Kingfisher Airlines  
(d).Blue Dart Aviation 

4.What was the name of Russian lower house of parliament?
(a).State Duma  
(b).Federal House  
(d).Peoples House  

5.Who is the present Chief Justice of India?
(a).K.G. Bala Krishna  
(b).Mr.Justice Ashok Agarwal  
(c).Mr.Altamas Kabir  
(d).Sarosh Homi Kapadia  

6.Who was selected for prestigious literary award Jnanapith for the year 2010?
(a).Chandra Sekhara Kambara  
(b).Kunwar Narayan  
(c).Ravindra Kelekar  
(d).Akhlaq Mohammed Khan ‘Shahryar’  

7.Who is present Prime Minister of United Kingdom?
(a).David William Donald Cameron  
(b).Gordon Brown  
(c).Grees Jeron
(d).John Tony Blair  

8.Who won the French Men’s Title 2012?
(a).Fernando Gonzalez  
(b).Rafael Nadal  
(c).Roger Federer  
(d).Martin del Porto  

9.Who won the Asia Cup (Cricket) 2012?
(a).Bangla Desh  

10.Saina Nehwal who received many national awards is associated with which of the following sports?

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