Knowledge Question Answer 2013

Knowledge Question Answer 2013 

When did the first man reach the poles?

Robert peary, was the first man to reach the North pole in 1909, whereas Roald Amundsen from Norway became the first man to reach the south pole in December 1911. The northern and southern ends of the earth’s axis are known as North and South poles. The land, which surrounds the North pole is known as Arctic region, while Antarctic region is the land surrounding the South Pole. North pole and South poles receive sunlight for six months and remains in total darkness for another six months. People residing in Arctic region are known as Eskimos. Antarctica is the coldest place on the earth and penguins are found there.

When are waves produced?

The waves are produced by wind blowing on the sea. The biggest waves are normally produced when a storm pushes a big ocean wave into shallower waters in the coastal areas. These waves can travel thousands of kilometers if there is no land to obstruct their way and sometimes, they can be even 120 feet high.

When do rainbow appears in the sky?

Rainbow appears when the sun shines after the rain. A rainbow consists of seven colours namely violet, indigo, blue , green , orange, yellow and red. It is a multicolored bow strip in the sky. Rainbow is formed due to the rays refracted inside the water drops. It is a common example of dispersion of light in nature. When the sun appears after the rain , the light gets dispersed through refraction by these suspended drops of water which acts as prism and rainbow is formed.

When did earth come into existence?

Nearly 4.567 billion years ago , some nuclei present in the gas and duct got hardened, and grew larger and larger and finally solidified. The nuclei at the centre emerged as the sun while others formed into nine planets of the Solar System.
Our planet earth is one of them. It came into being like a ball of fire from a mass of while hot gases and swirled into space continuously around the Sun.

When do we see Waves in the Ocean?

Oceans are water bodies present on the Earth. Nearly 97% of the water on earth is found in the seas and the oceans.
Whenever, wind passes over the ocean’s surface, a motion in the water particles occurs which keeps on moving from one particle to another, resulting in the formation of waves.

When was oil formed?

The formation of oil dates back to the Mesozoic Era, about 225 million to 65 million years ago. During this era great dinosaurs could be seen, but they soon became extinct. Enormous masses of organic substances, derived from decomposing animals, which were buried under the earth’s surface slowly changed into mineral oil, which we use today. Some of the most important oil and natural gas fields are found in Canada and United States in the rocks.

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