SBI Bank Exam Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2014

1.The heat from electric heater reaches our hand by __________
a). Conduction
b). Convection
c). Radiation
d). Diffusion

2.What are the forces that can act from a distance?
a). Chemical and Electrical forces
b). Gravitational and Magnetic forces
c). Mechanical and Elastic forces
d). Friction and Hydrostatic forces

3.What is the term used to refer to the force of earth’s gravity pulling an object?
a). Elasticity
b). Weight
c). Torque
d). Magnetism

4.What is the equivalent of 1 kg in newton?
a). About 10 N
b). About 100 N
c). About 1 N
d). About 50 N

5.Horse Head Nebula can be seen through telescope in _____ constellation.
a). Taurus
b). Leo
c). Orion
d). Gemini

6.What is the value of one astronomical unit in metre?
a)1.496 x 1011 m
b)1.496 x 1010 m
c)1.496 x 105 m
d)1.496 x 10-11 m

7.Sirius or Dog Star, the brightest in the sky is present in ________ constellation.
a). Scorpio
b). Taurus
c). Canis Major
d). Gemini

8.Who was the Indian scientist to succeed in producing microwaves?
a). Hargobind Khorana
b). Sir C.V.Raman
c). Jagdish Chandra Bose
d). Chandrasekar

9.Who discovered superconductivity?
a). Issac Newton
b). Michael Faraday
c). Albert Einstien
d). Kamerlingh Onnes

10. _______ has mass and definite volume.
a). Planet
b). Star
c). Matter
d). Living

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